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  • A cover letter that captivates and connects
  • A LinkedIn profile that leads you to land opportunities
  • Kick-ass accountability and expert tips to ensure you've covered your assets (resume, LinkedIn, and more)!
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What You'll Learn In The Challenge...

Day 1:  Your Resume

  • How to create an ATS-Friendly resume 
  • What you SHOULD include in your resume 
  • What to AVOID putting in your resume 
  • What makes your resume stand out to recruiters and hiring managers 

Day 2:  Your LinkedIn

  • ​How to optimize your LinkedIn to have hiring managers come to YOU 
  • ​5 actionable Tips and Tricks you can use to improve your LinkedIn Profile IMMEDIATELY
  • ​How to leverage your experience and your story to draw hiring managers in 
  •  How NOT to write in a LinkedIn Profile  

Day 3:  Your Cover Letter

  • ​Tips on writing a captivating cover letter 
  • Insider tricks on how to get noticed by the hiring manager 
  • ​How to position yourself to attract the hiring manager 
  • ​How to write what the hiring manager is looking for in a cover letter 

Day 4:  Your Elevator Pitch

  • ​How to create an Elevator Pitch that accurately represents you to your employer
  • What to include in your Elevator Pitch 
  • ​An Elevator Pitch Template to help guide you in creating your own pitch 
  • ​Examples of powerful Elevator Pitches to help inspire you 

Day 5:  Your Email Outreach

  •  How to present yourself professionally 
  •  How to brand emails for you and your company 
  •  How to insert your social links seamlessly and send managers over to your Linkedin 
  •  How to professionally connect with your potential employer 

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