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  • Insights into financial security & wealth management best practices, i.e. 401(k) Rollover
  • HR Compliance & Employment Law: Review of Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure, Severance Packages, etc.
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All interviews will go live for 24 hours on the specified day at 10am eastern (New York City time).
Day 1: May 13, 2019 : Job Search Strategy
Kyle Elliott
Career + Life Coach | Resume + LinkedIn Writer | Speaker | Coffee Addict | + Forbes Coaches Council
Sarah Johnston
Top Rated Job Search Strategist | Interview Coach | Executive Resume + LinkedIn Branding 
Nando Rodriguez
NLP Certified Transformational Life & Success Coach | Influencer | Blogger | Speaker
Emily Liou
Founder of Global Hacking HR | Co-Founder of Cotopaxi | Speaker | Human Resources & Technology | Future of Work
Scott Anthony Barlow
Top Career Change Podcast 
CEO, Happen to Your Career
Ketan Anjaria
Founder, HireClub
Kelly Poulson
Career Coach. Dream Navigator. HR Disruptor. Speaker.
Day 2: May 14, 2019 : Your Professional Brand and Career Narrative
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
Personal Branding Expert | bilingual Keynote Speaker 🇩🇪️/🇺🇸 | LinkedIn Trainer |The Middle East's leading Edutainer
Fanny Dunagan
Co-Founder PathLynks | #JobSearchStories Creator
Yuri Kruman
Corporate HR Consultant | Top-Rated Executive Coach | Forbes & Entrepreneur Contributor | PR Consultant | Author | Speaker
Adam Posner
Connection Conduit & Founder @ NHP Talent Group
Kerri Twigg
LinkedIn Top Voice 2018 | I help people grow their careers and coaching practices using story | Career Coach & Speaker
Michaela Alexis
Millennial LinkedIn Master | Keynote Speaker | Espresso-Fuelled Author
Lucia Lu
Podcast Founder | Startup Advisor | Marketing & Operations Expert
Rachel Montañez
Career Coach | Forbes Careers Contributor | Career Burnout & Boredom | Speaker

Day 3: May 15, 2019 : Soul Searching & Networking: Finding Community & Mentors
Tanaz Mody
Head of Operations,
 Co-Founder at Olmo
Joyel Crawford, MBA, CPCC, PHR 
Fortune 500 Experienced Leadership Consultant & Coach ✦ Speaker ✦ Writer ✦ TV Host
Chi Chi Okezie
Owner/Producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC
Michael Smith
#HowToLandThatNextRole Disrupting how experienced people get hired. Founder - Experienced Professionals
Georgene Huang
CEO and Co-Founder of
Hermence Matsotsa
Founder & CEO, uBuntuSpeaks, LLC
Paul Haury
Chief Coach Officer at GoCoach
Fatima Farmer
Community Manager at LinkedIn
Founder, SoulBeautyChat
Day 4: May 16, 2019 : Look through the Lens of HR, Legal, and Finance - Covering Negotiations, Unconscious Bias, Career Pivots and More!
Jacqueline Twillie
President of ZeroGap | Equal Pay Advocate | Negotiation Strategist | Women's Leadership Development
Jill Katz
CHRO at Assemble HR • Transformation Expert • Speaker • Workplace Humanity • HR Influencer
Randi Cohen, Esq.
Labor and Employment Counselor and Litigator
Fradel Barber
Visionary Entrepreneur | ChFC®
CEO within World Financial Group
Associate Producer on "THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich"
Enrique Rubio
Founder of Hacking HR

Tarek Pertew
Chief Creative Officer at 
HR Uncubed, a platform that connects creatives to innovative companies through online learning and events. 
Gail (Tolstoi) Miller
Award Winning Staffing, Diversity/ Unconscious Bias​ & Corporate Culture Strategist.Career/Business Coach.Author Speaker
Stacy Pollack
Learning & Development Specialist
Freelance Writer at Glassdoor
Tiffany Pham
Founder & CEO of Mogul
Bestselling Author of YOU ARE A MOGUL and GIRL MOGUL
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the SOS Summit free?
Yes! You can watch all the free session interviews with every speaker when they go live from Monday, May 13th to 16th 2019 at no cost.  There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.
Why is it offered for free for a limited time?
Virtual summits typically take three to four months to produce, inclusive of planning, building out technology, securing and interviewing speakers, editing content, and promoting the event. Evangelia Leclaire committed her time and resources to this summit at a time when she was suddenly and unexpectedly dealing with a crisis that roots back to the reason why she chose to enter the career and professional development space 18 years ago. Her why kept her momentum going through the delays and set-backs. You are investing in your professional career growth should you choose to upgrade to the one-time fee. The fee also supports the infrastructure and resources in place to provide easy access to the content. We are committed to rising the tide of resources to help you rock your job search.  We also have a one for one model.  For each unlimited access pass purchased, we donate one to a survivor of domestic abuse.
Who is the SOS Summit for?
The SOS Summit was created for job seeker in dire straits who are either anticipating layoffs or whom have already been laid off. Its  for people currently employed who feel stuck in rut and/or in dire straits.  These are folks who may have an overwhelming sense of responsibility and uncertainty in their lives. They are open to discovering what's next for them and are willing to listen to the stirring in their heart that they are meant for something greater.  It's your time to pursue opportunities that fit you.   
What if I am not able to view all the recordings?
You will have the option to upgrade to an all-access pass to gain access to a private membership site that hosts all the videos, training and content.  This is at a nominal fee.  
We all have a buy one help one model.  For each unlimited access pass purchased, we donate one to a survivor of domestic abuse.
In partnership with nextOPP Search, for every all-access pass purchased, we donate one all-access pass membership to a survivor of domestic violence.
Hi! I'm your summit host, Evangelia Leclaire
Top-Rated Coach for Individuals and Companies 
I'm a coach, trainer, and facilitator with 18+ years of people operations experience working closely with executives and senior management to build careers that fuel life dreams.  

Fun-Fact: My passion for leading professional development events stemmed early in my career when I had a stint doing door-to-door sales at tech companies in Silicon Valley. I was selling tickets to a professional development seminar series. I also met with folks at Facebook at a time when they were working out of their apartment in Palo Alto.  I value a "high-touch" approach.  :)
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